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"Gotta go up, if you wanna get down!"

The Elevaters' six-person crew melds soul, pop, funk, and rap into unique recordings and a live show that has toured the United States. Their dynamism, cunning lyricism, and hot home-spun tracks have won over fans and the most discriminating of critics. Such praise has placed the Elevaters' songs on HBO, NBC, The WB, and Sundance channel. After playing for packed clubs on the Los Angeles local circuit, the group has toured and grown to share stages with artists such as The Roots, Bruno ... Keep reading >>


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Sponsored by the Lagunitas Brewing Company

The Lagunitas Oasis Beer and Wine Garden

The Lagunitas Oasis is located in front and to the left of the Main Stage offering a prime location to view the action.

This year we're offering beers from our Oasis Sponsor  - The Lagunitas Brewing Company.  Lagunitas is bringing their flagship IPA and a special WorldFest Beer!

Frey's Organic Vineyards is bringing the wine again this year.


A Day of Spay In May in L.A.!

FixFest is a cooperative effort of spay and neuter clinics throughout Los Angeles.   Clinics will provide spay and neuter services on Sunday May 18 at their own facility under the virtual umbrella a FixFest on Sunday, May 18.    Each family or person bringing a pet to be sterilized to one of the participating clinics will receive a voucher for free admission (up to 2 adults, kids are free) to WorldFest at Woodley Park and the first 40 people at each clinic will receive a gift bag for people and pets.  

Do not just bring an animal, contact the organization for an appointment.

To donate to FixFest please go to  Thank you.


Participating Organizations

Thanks to Gift Bag Donors



Special Thanks to VZ







 Art Avenue's Mission

To further building the bridge between activism and art
"We look for artists with a message to share and give them a platform to speak their truth. Fans of art are exposed to activism. Activists are exposed to art. Artists are given a chance to explore topics they don't normally explore… It's a beautiful intersection." Lawrence Ziese - Curator

Paula Dwyer

Returning from last year, Paula Dwyer brings back her beautiful and haunting sculptures.

Paula Dwyer's mixed media work is an ongoing collection of pieces from her passion and concern for environmental issues mixed with her love of recycled art. The female mannequin forms become visual storytellers... each a conceptual mix of color, texture and diversity, reflecting the world around us.

Can you see us now? (Fly Free)

Natural elements, the human figure and animal images are intertwined to express the importance of the balance of nature. With her arms wrapped in bandages symbolizing the need to heal, our storyteller reminds us of the raw beauty, but painful reality of the loss of many of earth’s beautiful creatures and the upset of the balance of all life as we know it. Recycled & found materials.

Inner Passage…(The gravitational pull of the moon and the tides of transition)

Our guardian... one who keeps watch and is part earth, sand & sea, is pulled back and forth by the ocean current, but remains steady & strong in her conviction to guard over these elements for the future. Recycled and found materials

The Bird Cage…(Cause & Effect)

From a natural perspective, recycled burlap coffee sacks with endangered animal images help to relay a message supporting the ethical treatment of animals, urging us to consider much thought before action. Recycled materials used throughout.

Sarah Hage

Sarah Hage is an artist working primarily in papier-mache. Weather permitting, you'll find her outside converting everything from newspapers and packing material to plastic bottles and plant stakes into functional and dysfunctional art. "My patio is my studio, the LA Weekly my clay, and the Southern California sun my kiln--life doesn't get any better than this."

Welcome to Monsanto Gardens

At long last, the Laughing Pig Flowers have arrived! Together with Pignome, Bumble Pig, Pigtatoes, Pigmatoes, and Pigplants, they represent an uber-race of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) developed by Monsanto Gardens with the express purpose of bringing joy to the world. Like all Monsanto products, Laughing Pig Flowers are RoundUp Ready. Just pour RoundUp from the handy-dandy RoundUp Watering Can to eliminate all other life forms except organisms patented by Monsanto.


Lamp Community is a non-profit in Los Angeles’ Skid Row community organization that ends homelessness of Los Angeles' most vulnerable individuals, primarily adults with mental illness, through a continuum of services and housing.

Lamp Arts Program offers a safe and encouraging environment for the members to explore and develop their creative voice, find empowerment, collaborate, and positively affect their and the community’s social health.

A few volunteers, artists, and coordinators will be exhibiting at Art Avenue this year!

Cameron O'Steen

Through photography the Yoga Animalia Project aims to present nonhuman animals as individuals, exploring their personalities and the way they experience their world.  

As a photographer, writer, and yoga guide, Cameron O’Steen attempts to create joy and awareness through lens, pen, and breath.

Art Avenue is thrilled to see Cameron's inspiration work again!

Alyson Burton

Welcome Alyson's first ever art show! She's a vegan who is passionate about nature who wants to show the viewer the beauty that we're missing in our daily life. She will have prints and art on display and we're very excited to have her!




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